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How It Works2020-10-27T20:32:15-07:00

How It Works

Our subscription plans allow everyone to purchase Precious Metals on a monthly subscription basis. Choose the type of metal and how much you want to pay per month and we will take care of the rest!

Select a Subscription

You are able to completely customize your order to fit your budget. Select the type of metal bar, the bar weight, and how much you would like to pay per month. Make sure you select a price you are comfortable paying each month. There is a $20 fee if you cancel before your first precious metal shipment. Cancel anytime after for a full refund of the amount in your account.

Available Metals: Gold, Platinum, Silver

Invest With Us

After each monthly payment, we will email you an overview of your progress to let you know how close you are to a shipment! You can also check your progress in your account dashboard. Review how many payments you have made, the current amount of money in your account, how much your item costs, and how many payments until shipment. This information is updated after each successful monthly payment.

Your Subscription Is Shipped

Once you have reached the current price of the item you have selected (plus shipping and any fees) we will ship you your precious metals. We charge a $6 – $10 fee + 7.95 shipping to every shipment. Our fee depends on the amount you pay monthly for your subscription. The remaining balance in your account is rolled over on to your next shipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the progress of my subscription?2020-10-18T02:33:48-07:00

To view your current progress and time until your next shipment, you can head on over to your Subscriptions Page under the My Account menu located at the top right-hand side of the site.

Here you will find all of your active subscriptions. To check the status of a specific subscription, click the subscription number.

This will take you to a detailed overview of the specific subscription.

How often do I get a shipment?2020-10-18T02:33:15-07:00

Subscription shipping intervals depend heavily on the monthly payment you select for each subscription. We try to keep the lower monthly payment shipping intervals to about 3-4 months while higher monthly payments can see shipments every 2-3 months.

How do full monthly payments work?(Coming soon!)2020-10-18T02:32:51-07:00

Full monthly payments are the best way to start investing! Receive a shipment every month by paying the full price for your subscription item.

What type of fees are there?2020-10-18T02:28:53-07:00

Currently, we require between a $6 and $10 fee depending on the monthly payment amount and flat rate shipping of $7.95 per shipment. You only pay this fee when we ship you an item.

If you cancel your subscription before your first shipment you will be assessed a $20 fee. Cancel anytime after your first shipment for a full refund of the current amount in your account.

How do partial monthly subscriptions work?2020-10-18T02:28:13-07:00

Partial monthly subscription plans are a great and affordable way to start investing. These plans work by allowing you to pay for subscribed items over time. These plans usually ship out ever 2-4 months depending on the monthly payment selected. Once your item is shipped, we roll over the remaining funds on to a new item.

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